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Access Control, Time and Attendance, Timekeeping, Catering Control, Terminals, Visitors Management, Biometric Identification, Vehicle management and identification, RFid; Data Capture Processing and Control.

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F117 Stealth Plane is a powerful machine, but inherently unstable, a human can not fly it, without the help of our creativity, a computer (Hardware), an operating system and software. We transform high-tech inventions, converting them in simple solutions, for You.

Therefore we are in constant evolution, thinking and developing systems that will increase your company’s market compete position.


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 Investigación, Control de Calidad, Compromiso con Ud. 
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Avenida Rancagua 549 Providencia, Santiago


Phone: 56 2 2425 8770


Dual  readers, time recording equipment MCT112PEX Hight security, finger tips and vein map verified at the same time Access Control, high security HID iClass reader Heavy duty, access control turnstile Bioscrypt 4G Weather Resistant Fingerprint Reader Bioscrypt 4G Indoor Fingerprint Reader Puntos de venta e inventario, scanner Check reader, scanner and printer MagTek Excella High performance MicroControl access control MCA100
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