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MicroControl, The Company

Microcontrol was conceived by their founders with the purpose of continuing a mission of developing high technology products, systems and solutions in Chile, with a close relationship with prestigious companies through the world MagTek, HID (Assa Abloy), Bioscrypt L-1 Identity Solutions, Morpho, Sagem, Safran, Boon Edam Tomsed, CBM Citizen, Texas Instruments (TI*RFid, Tag-it), CSB Battery, Fargo(HID), Zebra, Motorola (ex. Symbol)and others .

MicroControl directory's is constituted by five recognized professionals, who hold high positions in different areas in the country business field o. One of the principal pharmaceutical labs.; the most important quality control company; one of the most prestigious companies on the food area and the principal industrial, medical and fishing farms, gas generation company.

Our large experience on solutions development, aimed to capture and information processing began in 1988, when one of our first founder member, designed the first faithful access control equipment, manufactured to allow automatic teller machines lobby access control entry in Chile. The strength of this product allowed multinational companies like NCR to market it in the Chilean banking arena. This experience allowed us to offer you a large range of systems, to improve the human sources control; time and attendance registering; access controls; catering control; visitors management; RFId identification; production lines and energy saving, on heating generation and air-conditioned systems.

The process begins on the hardware and software design, state of art tools and criterions allows MicroControl to provide high-confidence systems and turn-key solutions.

Our printed circuit boards careful design, first quality components selection, a high-technology manufacture process, with a strict quality control, allows MicroControl the confidence to offer trustworthy solutions, that will lighten and simplify automation processes to our customers. In the practice you will be able to own non stop systems, that will work in rough environments, without requiring voltage's stabilizers, electric filters, or external UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

A new concept in secure data transfer, had been invented. MicroDual allows data transfer between our equipments and your databases (SQL Server, Oracle, . . . ), or your ERP, online, without loosing information, neither charging you networks with undesired traffic, our equipment "intelligence" allows to them to work stand alone, applying last validation configuration, until your network is reestablished, under an accidental malfunction. Please don't hesitate in asking about his new concept.

Investigation another of our missions. Keeping the compatibility and versatility, in the extent that the technology and the efficiency of the solution allows it; our clients may operate our systems, even with other alternative systems, incorporating new trustworthy equipment; more sophisticated; with state of art technologies and better support; without having to replace all installed equipment.

We are consciousness that we need to trust on suppliers who could allow us to provide "turnkey solution", MicroControl is capable to deliver everything you should need to complete the chain: hardware, software, identification cards, card holders, thermal paper, card printers, installation, support and technical services, are components of our offer.

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