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Biometric Identification Access Control and Time Recording Systems (finger tips, veins)

Our L-1 Identity (Bioscrypt Inc.), now Sagem Group and HID partnership, had allow MicroControl to develop one of the most sophisticated and faithful systems in the market. Bioscrypt technology and patented identification algorithm, was born as a research of the United States Department of Defense, fingertip, finger veins and face recognition.


Bioscrypt 4G Indoor Fingerprint Reader      Bioscrypt 4G V-Station brochure    Bioscrypt, Extreme Conditions Biometric Terminal Morpho High Performance Biometric Terminal

Bioscrypt G4 extreme environment and  interactive touch screen Morpho Sigma terminal.

  • 256KB data memory, up to 1024KB.
  • 120 hours embedded UPS back up, with dual magnetic stripe readers..
  •  5 Years secondary battery data back up, in case  of main UPS battery  discharge.
  •  Real time period control, holidays, pass back and others.
  •  Input opto insolated / output signals for peripheral equipment control and alarm signals.
  • Fast Response Time: Powerful DSP processor from Texas Instruments.
  • Privacy Protection: Non- AFIS compatible template structure.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: AuthenTec TruePrint™. silicon-based technology, works well with scarred, dirty and worn fingers.
  • Flexible: Flash memory capable of storing approximately 4000 templates, with field upgradeable firmware.
  • Accurate: Word's leading algorithm (#1 at FVC 2002 & 2004).
  • Under stricts protocols, we garants Tags TI*RFid from Texas Instruments,  HID de 125 khz  ISOProx, ClamShell y la nueva generación de tarjetas inteligentes de alta seguridad iCLASS de 13,56Mhz, Tags y llaveros, con distintos formatos, 26, 29, 32, 34, 35, 37, 48, 50 y 64 bits Wiegand, proveemos además los formatos de alta seguridad y versatilidad, M922419A, implementado para Microcontrol por HID y el formato HID Corporate 1000, 35 y 48 bits.
  • Compatible with almost all kind of readers and combinations, Wiegand, magnetic stripe, bar code, biometrics, proximity,  HID, iClass, L-1 Identity (Bioscrypt) , TI*RFID, MIFARE, Wiegand, smart cards.
  • Centralized application update.
  • Direct connectivity (does not need a PC) to servers and operating systems UNIX, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2005 Server, Windows 2008 R2 Server.
  • IP v6, ENA "Extended Network Address ready".
  • TCP/IP Ethernet or Wi-fi 802.11 or RS232-422. Up to 64 controllers can be connected to one TCP/IP MicroLink micro server, or net socket. Each additional socket allows 64 more MicroControl equipment connection.
  • Full MicroControl Family compatibility.



MicroControl Biometric time recording equipment, plus printer

MCT112XEB Plus CTS 310 Printer

MicroControl Biometric time recording terminal, FAST

MCF210IEM plus CBM 1000-II Thermal Printer Inside the steel case


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