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MicroControl Personnel Identification Cards Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code, Contact-less, Proximity, Smart Cards, HID, iCLASS, Wiegand, Mifare, TI*RFID

They are built on a PVC or Polyester base; a magnetic stripe lies optionally. Its surface can be printed with required information, be it bas-relief (simple card) or photographs and logotypes, printed with a specialized card thermal printer. They can be printed in large quantities, for commercial and banking applications, using offset technology a complete card holders variety is also available.

 MicroControl Printed Cards

Arts and photographs printing

In terms of design, this card is able to include any logotype or drawing, on black or white color, while having adequate formats ( PC format, jpg , bmp and  tif files). These can be delivered by the client or designed in our company.

Required information can be printed on its surface ( Logotypes, Photographs, Names, Codes, etc.). Care must be taken in that, as it's a quite new technology, there are card limitations (for color printing and too complicated logotypes) which offer some damage risk for the card. Its fabrication cost is high. Thus, this matter must be considered and evaluated.


Magnetic Stripe: The cards may use high or low energy magnetic stripe.

Bar Code: On id. and timing control usage, the most frequent codes are 39, 25 and EAN13. There are some other possibilities, but they must be evaluated according both to the reader type and the application.

Proximity: Can be built with last generation proximity technology or dual type, with magnetic stripe, bar code or Wiegand.

Wiegand: This technology is available in most different formats for readers and solutions which use this mode. Cards can also be dual type, with magnetic stripe, bar code or proximity.

Cares to be taken

These cards have the limitation that they need direct contact with a reading element, the magnetic reading head. This will wear the card. It can be detected when lines appear on the magnetic stripe or bar code.

Card life depends on the use they are given. Because of their technology, care should be taken to:

  • Never bend cards,
  • Never leave cards exposed to solar or ultraviolet radiation,
  • Never expose cards to heat or temperatures above 35 C,
  • Never expose cards to chemical compounds as resins and solvents, and
  • Never smash or cut them.

If above mentioned instructions are followed, card life will depend only on its daily workload.

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