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White and Thermal Paper Rolls. Suited for Point of Sale Printers (POS), Self service terminals, Time and attendance, Catering Control, General Tickets and Vouchers.

MicroControl Supplies high quality thermal and white paper, This allows a high printing resolution and long last thermal and dot matrix heads. Your printer deserves this kind of paper and your maintenance costs will be diminished.



Especial para impresoras matriz de punto

Origen: Chile

Dimensiones: 75mm x 50 m.


Especial para impresoras térmicas

Origen: Koeler, Alemania


1- 80mm x 80m.

2- 80mm x 300m. (**)

(*) Opcionalmente se puede entregar con imágenes o logos pre-impresos.

(**) Para impresora tipo cajero automático o kiosco.

Thermal Paper Rolls
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