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MicroControl Own Developed Products, Systems, Solutions and Partner Products


Access Control Equipment and Systems  Access control system for dependences protection in factories, buildings, offices, schools, universities, parking zones. . .
Time Recording & Attendance Control  Time and attendance equipment, time recording.
Catering Control  Catering control equipment.
Data Terminal  Manufacturing data terminal, for assembly lines and manufacturing tight control.
Kiosks, Self Service Terminals  Self service terminals (Kiosks) for banks, department stores and organizations.
TCP / IP Micro Server  TCP / IP. Ethernet concentrator equipment.
Point of Sale Components (POS)  POS parts, Printers, check readers, pin pads, money dispensing / validation. . .
Biometric Identification Systems  Biometric finger tip recognizing equipment, for maximum security.
Identity Cards  Magnetic, bar code, proximity, HID, iClass, Mifare, TI*RFID, Wiegand, and smart type cards.
Card Holders  Card care and holder devices.
Card Printers  Card issuing and printing systems, card laminating. . .
Access Control Software  Access control, alarm and security managing software. 
Time & Attendance Software  Time and attendance, time recording managing software.
Catering programing & Control Software  Catering programming, ticket dispensing and managing software.


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